AccreditationsAs an Independent Academic College and Language School, and as a member of CIFE (The Council for Independent Educations), 浴学院 is inspected by both the Independent Schools Inspectorate (三军情报局)和 British Council. The 三军情报局 is a government approved, independent inspectorate for independent schools.

Please find below our latest Focused Compliance & Educational Quality Inspection Report from the 三军情报局 (February 2020). Please note that in compliance inspections no qualitative judgements are made so the standards are either met or not met, and 浴学院 met all the required standards.

然而, in the Educational Quality Inspection, schools are judged in two areas – Pupil Achievement including Academic Development and Pupils Personal Development –  with 浴学院 being judged in both areas.

Do take time to read the full report if you can. In the meantime, we are delighted to highlight below the following inspection judgements from the 三军情报局, of which we are very proud:

  • Pupils demonstrate extremely positive attitudes towards their learning and have an intrinsic motivation to develop their own study 技能.

  • Pupils develop self-confidence and self-esteem rapidly because they receive individual attention in the school’s highly supportive environment.

  • A very large majority of pupils who applied for university in 2019 achieved entry to their first choice university.

  • The pupils’ strong moral and social development is reflected in a community which is built on kindness and mutual respect.

  • Pupils display well-developed knowledge, 技能, and understanding across the range of subjects they study. This is a result of much well-prepared teaching coupled with the vision of leadership and governance to provide pupils with a bespoke curriculum.

  • Pupils with EAL make rapid progress with their English speaking and writing 技能, and by the end of the course they have mastered highly technical language.

  • Pupils with SEND, who experience difficulties with communication, have the confidence to contribute to discussions as they are encouraged and supported by their peers.

  • Pupils study 技能 are well-developed. Throughout the school, pupils use these 技能 very effectively because they are encouraged to extend their understanding by learning through open questions and appropriate tasks.

  • Pupils develop an excellent understanding of how to improve their own learning. This is because feedback from the teachers, both in lessons and in their assessments, enables pupils to reflect on their learning and build upon their knowledge.

  • Pupils cite the positivity of the staff and the culture in the school of warmth and acceptance as the reason behind the strong growth in their self-esteem.